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The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness

Title: The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness

Author: Babylon Bee

Publisher: Salem Books


To show the world you’re a good person—and also to avoid getting canceled and having your life ruined by a Twitter mob—you need to get WOKE. In The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness, the writers of satirical sensation The Babylon Bee tell you how to choose your pronouns, blame everyone else for your problems, and show the world how virtuous you are with virtue-signaling profile pictures and stunning and brave hashtags. A tongue-in-cheek guide to the far Left’s obsession with intersectional insanity, The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness will help you laugh at the state of our culture so you don’t cry.

Review: I received an advanced reader copy from The Babylon Bee in exchange for an honest review.

Brilliant. Utter perfection. Finally, someone called out the nonsense that is plaguing our country, and the authors presented it in a way that left my side cramping from fits of giggles. Seriously folks, I struggled to breathe from laughing so hard. The graphics are EVERYTHING; the comedic delivery is flawless; the disturbing accuracy of ‘wokeism’ is on point.

This book is exactly what the world needs right now. Why? One word: satire. It appears the human population has forgotten how to laugh at one another without worrying about hurting someone’s feelings. Well, never fear. The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness fills that void beautifully.

This is not a book for the oversensitive cry babies who cancel strangers for using the wrong pronouns, for those who believe the US was founded on racism, for the self-proclaimed scientists who form their hypothesis based on the nightly news, for those who end every argument with “do better you transphobic bigot”, or for the parents who love sending their children to indoctrination hubs disguised as educational institutions. Actually, maybe it is. If this paragraph offended you, then YES, this is the book for you. Trust me, you’ll love it! It’s everything you preach on your Instagram stories bounded nicely with a gender neutral bow.


Truth bombs. Prepare thyself with boxes of tissues to dry your tears from fits of laughter or perhaps grab a cloth hanky crafted from the hemp grown in your neighbor's backyard since liberal tears are only dried with recycled materials.

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Completed Read: October 2021

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