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Passage of Time_Cover_ebook.jpg

“Love is the source of our power, and in the end … love always wins.” 


Abandoned and betrayed, Elara struggles to let go of the man she loves while her fearless mentor encourages her to stand against the evil dictator who rules her home planet. To succeed, she must rise above the darkness and trust the voice that hums near her heart.  


The twins experience a setback after a deadly standoff with the Inner Circle. An act of love transforms Elara’s destiny, and an act of hate pushes Cyrus to his breaking point. 

Zenith makes a bold move that disrupts the lives of everyone on Aroonyx. Samson takes charge and gathers the citizens to prepare for war. An alliance is formed, and a traitor seeks revenge. 

A tragic event in the West Village sends Elara tumbling further into the darkness, leaving her to face the masked dealer alone. Outnumbered and out of luck, the twins must rally the recruits to end Zenith’s reign. 


As the epic battle approaches, the hands of time pause during a life-changing event, and a visitor from the past alters the future.

Passage of Time is the third installment in the award-winning Seeker of Time series. Meaningful lessons challenge the reader, sending their hearts on an emotional marathon that leaves them sprinting toward the finish line. 

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