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JM Buckler has been featured in top media including ABC, NBC, and Fox. She is the award-winning author of Seeker of Time, Stillness of Time, and Passage of Time, young adult fantasy-fiction books which have received praise from the likes of Kirkus Reviews, Literary Titan, Readers' Favorite. Game-changers in the young adult marketplace, Buckler’s novels combine electric storytelling with deep spiritual lessons and meaningful takeaway on how to cope with life’s hardships – addressing everything from betrayal and heartbreak, to violence and death. 


Buckler is a mentor and educator at TheKey2Free, a non-profit organization that provides safe transition housing, education, and therapeutic care for human trafficking survivors. There, she teaches writing as a tool for healing to clients participating in the LAUNCH program. JM Buckler also offers writing-based programs to diverse audiences – teaching how to use the power of the pen to reshape and reclaim one’s life, as Buckler did when she began her own writing journey: After years of drifting through life, feeling insecure and lacking a sense of meaning or purpose – always trying to be the image and fill role that others held out for her – Buckler took a leap of faith and walked out on the person she was supposed to be, instead diving into the world of her imaginary characters. Through developing their lives, Buckler discovered that she cultivated her own – ultimately finding her calling and passion, transforming her reality, and emerging a grounded and confident young woman.

In 2021, J.M. Buckler co-founded Free Writers and Readers, an advocacy whose mission is to liberate literature and the arts from the oppressive censorship that has overtaken society, and to create an environment of rational thought where individuals are free to create and view art without the fear of attack. Find out more by clicking the logo.


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