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“A wonderful fantasy novel with vivid descriptions and compelling characters. I was gripped by the story—magic, suspense, and an intriguing world. A reading adventure!” - Christa Santangelo Ph.D., Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF School of Medicine, author of A New Theory of Teenagers


Through the character of a relatable teenage girl – who chooses to respond to a traumatic upheaval with courage, honesty, and compassion – author JM Buckler, like TS  Eliot and JK Rowling, has created a fantasy world that inspires us to rethink reality: Are we truly victims of circumstance, in need of rescue? Or by taking a leap of faith and daring to reimagine what is possible, can we perhaps create another world entirely? Seeker of Time provides not just a thrilling escape but also a spiritual blueprint for living. – Suna Senman, LMSW Life Transformation Facilitator 


Our girls really enjoyed the visit and program by JM Buckler. We've had similar visits in the past, and it can often be difficult to engage the girls; but this specific visit was very engaging and entertaining, as it was relatable and age-appropriate. It was great that JM had experience with similar populations and was prepared for ours. We were so thrilled to have her on campus! - Catherine Henning, The Settlement Home For Children


Buckler’s visit was easily a highlight of my student’s semester. JM was engaging, interesting and totally relevant to my middle schoolers (which isn’t always easy)! I loved that she not only addressed writing, but bullying, her faith, and all means of the creative arts. I also love that she was able to teach several life lessons to the kids. Her quick writing assignment was great and some of them even took it home and continued it on their own. What an impact she made in just one class period. We will definitely be asking her to come back! - Brandi Roppolo, School of Logic Language Arts Teacher Sterling Classical School

My teen book club enjoyed meeting J.M.Buckler, and she made them feel comfortable enough to be outspoken and share. We have invited her back for a writing workshop based on this visit, and my teens are looking forward to meeting her again. - Jane Dance, Youth Service Librarian

J.M. Buckler is a strong woman who inspires, encourages, and pushes authors to maximize their potential. Her love for writing and our community is evident in her active presence online and in her readiness to lend a helping hand. Sharing her experiences with the pre- and the post-publishing process has become a valuable commodity that has influenced many authors to strive for quality and all-around excellence with their work. – Lion Key, author, Founder of Indie Author Central


In the short that time I have followed JM Buckler on social media, I have received the equivalent of years of personal mentorship in the writing and publishing industries. Before following her, I was easily scared and overwhelmed. But she has been there for me and for our indie author community, like a guardian angel – offering wise insight and practical tips on how to succeed. JM is tough-as-nails, so if you're looking to be coddled, run far away from her! But if you're looking for real, helpful, and life-altering advice on how to be a serious, successful author, JM is your badass tattooed, immaculately made-up, dagger-wielding woman.


I am particularly excited about JM’s burgeoning work in schools and prisons. A friend of mine was incarcerated for a few years and just got out recently. While inside, he discovered that he loves, and is incredibly talented at, writing short stories. This artistic outlet has given him a new, positive, and healthy tool for processing life, enabling him to make something out of himself and become a productive member of society, instead of circling in and out of the prison system, as so many incarcerated individuals do. I believe that teaching at-risk youth how to express themselves creatively through writing not only will turn their lives around but as a result, will make our society as a whole a much better place. – Nyla K, author, The Midnight City Series 


J.M. Buckler is a wellspring of knowledge and is never too busy to help others. She tells it as it is and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She is raw, open, and real. As a young writer, I have learned so much about the publishing and writing world from her. – J.M. Ivie, author, Alvar Battle for the Realm 


J.M. Buckler shares her writer’s journey with all who are willing to listen, and she's not afraid to give away her secrets. She has taken an idea that started in her head, nurtured it, watched it blossom, and is now the CEO of her own corner of the publishing world. Her videos on self-publishing, editing, marketing, and drafting are not only informative but also inspirational. Buckler gives selflessly of her own experiences so that those who follow her can learn and grow as authors and also as business people. - Josh Langlois, author, The Supernatural Adventures of Ryan Bumble


You can trust J.M. Buckler not only to help you become a better writer but to befriend you while teaching you the ropes of this field. JM is kind, and her heartfelt desire to help others truly shows. I have come to her with questions, no matter how small, and she has answered them without any judgment. She is experienced and smart, with a wealth of knowledge from her own work publishing a book series, and she is inspiring and creative – an all-around terrific writing mentor. – Whitney R.B., author, Saving Ellie

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