Away We Go (Issue No. 1)

Updated: Aug 1

Howdy, folks!

In this first issue of Away We Go, I’ll chat about our stay in Hondo, TX and our visits to the surrounding areas.

"The three of you are moving into a tiny cabin? Have you lost your minds?"
"No. Quite the opposite. We just recently found them."

Hondo, TX

First settled in 1881 and incorporated in 1942, Hondo is home to over nine thousand residents.

"This is God's Country. Please Don't Drive Through it Like Hell."

Why Hondo?

Well, we needed a place to stay while waiting for our RV to arrive, so we headed south. A family friend who lives in the area pulled some strings which got us hooked up with a cute little cabin in Pica Ranch.

Friends, a quaint little one bedroom cabin nestled on a ranch without the distraction of the internet or television was exactly what we needed.

It took a few days for the three of us to detox from our addiction to screen time, but our son’s attitude changed for the better, the weight of the world lifted off our shoulders once we stopped glancing at the news, stopped obsessing over the drama, and our quality of time together spiked. We played board games (Ticket to Ride is one of our favs), cards, chess, and battled one another in the Beyblade arena. Purple Fury is still my blade of choice. ;-)

During the day we explored nearby towns and tried local eats. Then, in the early evenings we visited our animal friends at the ranch.

Cotton, the lovable yet naughty donkey, stole our hearts. He reminded us of a playful puppy or a Disney animal sidekick. His buddy, a sweet gelding, tolerated his behavior for only so long. A swift kick from Cotton's long-legged pal straightened the donkey's attitude. The mares tried to ignore the pesky fella while we fed them almonds and played with the ranch pups.

Hondo Restaurant Reviews:

Heavy’s BBQ: 5/5

The best BBQ I’ve ever eaten. You’ve got to try the sausage. Yummy.

HonDough Pizza Co.: 3/5

A family owned pizzeria. The red sauce was a little too chunky for my taste.

Billy Bob’s Hamburgers: 3/5

A quick stop for a classic burger and fries.

Review for Hondo, TX ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Entertainment Value: 3/5

Eats: 3/5

Charm: 2/5

San Antonio, TX

Sea World

I highly recommend the Ultimate Animal Adventure Experience. It hit every mark for entertainment and education.

We started the day by visiting the Sea Lions. Leon was Emerson’s favorite. They loved play time.

We then made our way to Discovery Cove, where we donned our wetsuits. Justin enjoyed making ridiculous comments about how snug the black suit fit around his nether regions. ;-)

The Beluga encounter blew me away. I adore marine mammals so getting into the water with one was a dream come true. The artic temperature was COLD…really freaking cold. I had never worn a wetsuit in such icy temperatures, but it didn’t take long for the layer of water around my body to warm me up. And honestly, who can think about the cold when a Beluga whale is staring into your eyes. Luna, the pregnant female, was such a sweetheart. We got kisses, playtime, and rubbed her pregnant belly.